Fiona J Houston

Fiona J Houston (aka Fiona Martynoga) is a museum researcher and environmental author, and a board member of the environmental charity Reforesting Scotland. She was challenged in 2005 to prove her claim that people ate better two hundred years ago than they do now. She immersed herself for a whole year in the lifestyle of the 1790s, writing about it each month for The Herald. She has since brought out a fuller account, The Garden Cottage Diaries, and continues to lecture about her year’s experiment not simply for its historical interest but because it reflects on how we currently live. She has also contributed to Woodlanders, and has recently edited A Handbook of Scottish Trees. Both of these were for the organization Reforesting Scotland, for which she is a regular contributor to the Journal. She is also a member of the Tweedgreen Food Group and Carrifran Wildwood Steering Group.