Allan Little

Allan Little is a former BBC Special Correspondent and a Beyond Borders Scotland Advisor. After graduating from Edinburgh University, he joined BBC Scotland as a news and current affairs researcher before moving to London to train as a radio reporter. He specialized in foreign reporting for BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme including the Revolutions of 1989 in Easter Europe. He then worked as a reported for BBC News reporting from, among others, the 1991 Gulf War, Kuwait, former Yugoslavia, South Africa, Rwanda and Zaire. Mr Little also worked as the BBC Moscow correspondent and reported on the 1995 Afghanistan earthquakes before becoming the BBC’s Africa and then Paris correspondent. In his current role as a BBC Special correspondent he has reported widely on devolution and the questions around Scottish independence. He has won a number of awards, including the Bayeux War Correspondent of the Year, and three Gold Sony Radio Awards. In 2012 he won both the Thomson Reuters prize for Reporting Europe, for his Radio 4 Documentary “Europe's Choice”, and the Charles Wheeler Award for Outstanding Contribution to Broadcast Journalism.